Monash University Low FODMAP Diet in United States for iOS

Monash University Low FODMAP Diet in United States developed by Monash University for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. This app is related to Medical, Health & Fitness, and the cost of this app is $7.99. The average rating of this app is Excellent.

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Researchers at Monash University have developed a diet and corresponding app to assist in management of the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The Monash University Low FODMAP diet works by restricting foods high in some carbohydrates called FODMAPs.

The app includes the following:

- Background information about FODMAPs
- A food guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods
- A full recipe book including 79 original and nutritious recipes with professional photography
- A shopping list for organising low FODMAP purchases
- A one week food & symptom journal to monitor a strict FODMAP diet, with the function to view detailed graphs of symptoms and the end of the week