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Wind Sensor in United States developed by Red Hot Bits for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. This app is related to Weather, Utilities, and the cost of this app is $1.99. The average rating of this app is Excellent.

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Chosen by Apple as one of the App Store's top "New & Noteworthy" Apps in Weather category!

Wind Sensor is the first professional grade sound based anemometer and compass application for iOS devices.

It uses device sound input to estimate wind speed. It works by analyzing the sound of wind passing the device microphone. This is achieved using the advanced proprietary algorithms to filter out the wind generating sound from the background noise and other sounds.

In our extensive field testing we found out that Wind Sensor performs similar or in some cases the same as hardware based anemometer devices.

Wind Sensor is the first wind speed measuring application that includes compass integration, so you can easily find wind direction.

The application is best suited for kite-surfing, windsurfing, hiking, sailing, ballooning and in every other situation when you don't have dedicated anemometer device at hand.

Application is not designed to be used in very noisy environment, as external noise may interfere with the wind speed reading.

Wind Sensor is the first wind speed estimation app for iOS devices which will display "Wind Barb", standard unique symbol which represents measured wind.

Wind Sensor includes reading in following units: miles per hour, meters per second, kilometers per hour, knots, feet per second and Beaufort scale.

- Features:
● Accurate wind speed measurement
● Supports speeds 4-115mph
● Integrated compass used for finding wind direction
● Wind Barb, standard symbols to represent current wind reading
● Numerical wind reading
● Support for multiple standard units
● Scale visualizing current speed measurement
● Rotating blades representing wind motion estimation

- Usage Instructions:
Simply point the device so that device microphone points into the wind at a slight angle. Wait a few seconds to get the accurate reading. The numerical reading is the average for the time period. Wind Sensor works the best on devices without protective covers. You can use Wind Sensor settings page to select desired unit, or you can easily switch between units in application using "Unit" button. Wind Sensor is most effective when measuring winds with consistent speed. Wind Sensor accuracy progressively increases with wind speeds bigger than 5mph.

- Requirement:
● Any iOS device with sound input

Accuracy depends on the device capabilities, where newer devices usually mean better accuracy.

This application is not meant to be used in place of commercial grade anemometers or scientific instrumentation, but it can come great if you have none at hand.