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the Next EXIT in United States developed by the Next EXIT, inc. for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. This app is related to Navigation, Travel, and the cost of this app is Free. The average rating of this app is Excellent.

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the Next EXIT, inc.
iPhone, iPad, iPod

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the Next EXIT® makes finding gas, food, lodging, rest stops, and more a breeze!

Ever drive the interstate highways? Or go on road trips? Do you know where the next gas station is? Hotel? Food? We do! Let us help take the frustration out of your travel.

* 100% PHYSICALLY VERIFIED - We've laid eyes on every service at every exit on every interstate highway in the USA. We'd never take someone else's word for it. Who else can say that?
* DATA & ENERGY EFFICIENT - We've used advanced hybrid GPS technology to make our app easy on both your battery life and your network data plan. We think those are important.
* WORKS OFFLINE - After you download and sign up, a network connection is totally optional.
* LOCATION AWARE - Follows your location and shows you what's coming up in real-time.

the Next EXIT is the best, most accurate, most frequently updated ad-free road tripping app available. Try it FREE for 14 days.

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