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Dan Senatro
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RV Check List is a tool that provides various checklists for the RV owner. These task lists cover various phases of the RV adventure. I am a fellow RV owner who decided there should be a better way then multiple hand written checklists or trying to depend on your memory wrote this application.

Now available are three Master lists, two for Short and Long trips and a maintenance ToDo list (see Note below). Select the items to bring and build a unique trip list OR use the maintenance master todo to select tasks you need to accomplish next. You can even email your list to others or use AirPrint. Use Bluetooth capabilities to exchange checklists with other devices (device must be capable of Bluetooth). Utilize iTunes Share File feature to move checklists back and forth from your computer and use a spreadsheet to edit.

The program comes populated with numerous items to get you started. Now contains items for Motorhomes, Trailers, and 5th Wheels. These items can easily be added, changed or deleted to fit your unique needs.

- A Short Trip Master
- Extended Trip Master
- Maintenance ToDo Master
- Arrive At Site
- Depart From Site
- Winterization
- First Aid Kit
- Buying an RV Checklist
- Where Is It (a Sample List of where items are stored)
- Or …. Create Your Own Checklists

- Items are grouped into categories as an aid.
- Add a 2nd Label, Quantity or Weight to any item
- Build a unique Trip from Master lists of all possible items
- Checklists can be emailed, Bluetooth or AirDrop exchanged between devices
- Move checklists To/From your PC in .CSV format
- Checked off items are marked or disappear … your choice
- Add, Delete, or Change items or groups from any of the lists
- Items can be moved to any location on a list when in Edit mode
- Prioritize any item with either of two colored dots (red or yellow)
- Category titles display the number of check items within the group
- Clear all check marks, weights, quantities and priorities from any list
- Email any checklist

NOTE: Master lists are used to create Trip/ToDo items. They can be edited ... they are not intended as a stand alone check list ... if needed you could create a Trip/ToDo with all items in the master (Options/Select All).

I am a team of one & retired ... so contact me with suggestions or issues found .... this would be greatly appreciated!