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Why pay for multiple apps that provide U.S. current conditions, forecasts, and radar, plus marine weather, when you can get it all and much more with WeatherLCD!

On land:

- Current U.S. weather conditions
- Wind Chill/Heat Index
- Dewpoint
- 3-hour pressure trend
- Decoded METARs & TAF data (where available)
- Forecasts (including hourly forecasts and snow accumulation forecasts)
- In-depth technical discussions
- Animated lightning forecasts
- Alerts (including high surf & rip current)
- Animated radar (short-range, long-range, & 1-hr precipitation)
- City/Zip Code search
- Map-based Search
- Network/GPS location
- Metric conversion (except alerts, snow accumulation, and discussion)

Alaska weather note: Some Alaska weather data is experimental and may not be available in all areas at all times.

On the water:

United States:
- Buoy observations
- Detailed wind, wave, and other marine condition predictions for the U.S. Pacific Atlantic, and Gulf Coasts, plus Alaskan waters and U.S. portions of the Great Lakes, Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam/N. Mariana Islands.
- Area forecasts farther off shore
- Hazardous marine condition bulletins/warnings
- Swell height/period for Pacific locations
- Text forecasts for Lake Champlain & Lake Tahoe
- Metric conversion (except alerts)

- Marine forecasts, watches, and warnings for the Canadian Great Lakes Region, and the St Lawrence River down to Montreal. Information is available in English and French, depending on device language setting.

In the air:

- Interactive global air turbulence map primarily based on pilot reports (PIREPS)
- Color-coded pins make it easy to grasp turbulence severity
- Touch any pin to get details such as reported turbulence altitude range, frequency, and type (chop, clear air turbulence, low-level wind shear, or mountain wave) if reported
- Determines aircraft type or airline associated with report, and links to Wikipedia articles.

(Note to non-US customers: the vast majority of turbulence reports displayed by WeatherLCD are from the US (incl. AK & air routes to HI) and Canada. A few times a day there are reports from the North Atlantic, Western Pacific, and Caribbean. It is very rare to see data points in other than the aforementioned locations.)

All weather data presented by WeatherLCD and all graphics (with the exception of those in the bottom tab bar, the sky and water view backgrounds, the maps, and Canadian marine data) are from the National Weather Service and not subject to copyright protection. Canadian marine data is copyrighted and used under license from Environment Canada., Inc. is not affiliated with the National Weather Service or Environment Canada.

Disclaimer: WeatherLCD should never be your sole source of information for making personal safety or financial decisions. Aviation data presented by WeatherLCD is for information only and not to be used for flight safety or route planning purposes. The lightning predictions are not a substitute for your eyes, ears, or common sense.