CIS Fingerprint Scanner & Spy Toolkit in United States for iOS

CIS Fingerprint Scanner & Spy Toolkit in United States developed by Kaufcom GmbH for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. This app is related to Lifestyle, Entertainment, and the cost of this app is $0.99. The average rating of this app is Excellent.

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Now with 7 apps in 1!!! Completely fool your friends into thinking that you have an iPhone or iPod with an impressive high-tech tool of a secret service.

- Advanced CIS Finger Print Scanner
- CIS Lie Detector
- CIS Metal Detector
- Dog Attack - High frequency sound gun
- Spy Recorder
- Most Wanted
- High Technology Alarm System

Now with the amazing CIS Lie Detector, Dog Attack, Spy Recorder and the CIS Metal Detector included in this version for free!!!!

New Features:
- Sophisticated High-tech Lie Detector
- Realistic metal detector
- Real "Dog Attack" Tool
- Pulse Analysis Graphics
- New Sound Effects
- Tuning

Be blown away by the realistic and movie like application, with many advanced high-tech special effects and stuning realistic sound fx.

Here's the story for the 'CIS Finger Print Scanner':
"The C.I.S. (Cyber Intelligence Service) has launched an application to find criminals faster. You can put the thumb of a person on the iPhone or iPod screen and analyse with a special CIS finger print analysis tool the identity of the person. The tool will compair it to a database with all criminals world wide. Most people are in this database also for small crimes or even because they are only suspected!
Find out if you or your friends are registered in this database!"

You will swear that this is a real application of an Intelligence Service.

- High tech finger print scanner
- Amazing realistic high quality graphics
- Cool new interactive control panel
- Hyper realistic intelligence service design
- Advanced settings for adding saved pictures or pre-defined pictures
- Realistic finger print scanning sequence
- Predefined text/name or manually change the text or name for best fit
- High quality audio FX
- Real time optimized photos
- Detection in different databases from:
CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, ASIO, ASIS, CSIS, CSE, BND, Mossad, GPU, NKVD, KGB, AIA, National Sex Offender Registry, Special Task Force of National Anti-Drug Department, Secret Agent Database SAD, Drug and Alcohol Department, etc.

What's new in this Version 4.1:
- New app "High Technology Alarm System"

What's new in this Version 4.0:
- New app "Spy Recorder"
Records in a hidden modus.
- New app "Most Wanted"
The most searched criminals worldwide

What's new in this Version 3.1:
- New app "Dog Attack"
Real tool to attack dogs
- Extreme high quality ultra sound effect
- Great graphics

What's new in this Version 3.0:
- Realistic metal detector
- Faster loading
- Cool detector graphics
- High quality sound

New great features in the version 2.0:
- Randomizing function with many pictures and 200 texts
- Most Wanted and Secret Services site
- More Apps site
- More high quality pictures

"The best spy toolkit application I've ever seen. Try it!" Sarah Wilson, L.A.