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Confused by which of The Ordinary treatments to buy?

Use The Ordinary Guide to browse all of the beauty products and create your own personalized skincare regimen. Find out when, how often and in what order each treatment should be applied.

Unsure of which products to buy? Choose a routine based on your skin type!

NEW advanced layering system: Conflicts are now automatically detected, such as having multiple Retinoids, Peptides, Vitamin C or Direct Acids in your regimen. Keep track of how often you're using products which have a strict weekly limit (see screenshots).

Skin Types...

• Acne-Prone Skin: Reduce inflammation to help support clear skin.
• Blemishes and Congestion: Reduce inflammation and brighten the skin.
• Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Achieve plump, healthy-looking hydrated skin.
• Mature Skin & Wrinkles: Promote youthful skin and reduce the signs of ageing.
• Oily Skin: Rebalance your skin for a healthy, fresh look.
• Pigmentation Problems: Gently exfoliate and brighten skin tone.
• Sensitive Skin: Keep your skin moisturised with this gentle routine.