LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime - Bike Sharing App in United States for iOS

LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime - Bike Sharing App in United States developed by Neutron Holdings. Inc. for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. This app is related to Travel, Lifestyle, and the cost of this app is Free. The average rating of this app is Excellent.

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Neutron Holdings. Inc.
iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Need a faster way to commute around town? Unlock and ride bikes anytime with LimeBike, the new bike sharing app. Use our app to find nearby LimeBike racks in cities across the US.

Share a bike whether you are headed to work, class, or a night out. Get to your destination faster and cheaper while enjoying the ride. Simply find a bike nearby, scan the QR code to unlock and ride anywhere. Lock the back wheel to end your trip.

LimeBike Features:

Find Nearby LimeBikes
- Finding bikes in your city is simple with LimeBike
- Open the app and use the bike locator to find the bike nearest you
- LimeBike uses your current location to find bikes, making your trip fast and easy

Scan the Bike & Go
- Each LimeBike comes with a special QR code
- Use the app to scan the code and be on your way

Park & Lock
- Done with your commute? Just lock the back wheel at the nearest bike rack or designated area, not obstructing traffic.

Travel Anywhere with LimeBike
- Local transit not getting you fast enough? Travel anywhere, anytime with LimeBike!
- Get a LimeBike and get to your destination faster for cheaper

Enjoy your ride for a fraction of the cost with the newest ride share app. Travel with the faster solution, LimeBike!

Download now and start enjoying your commute!

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