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Stay Informed & Save Time through the newly designed News Break app powered by Interest Engine®.

Still using the old-school Yahoo, AOL, Google News? Try News Break! It combines 10,000 trusted sources like CNN, NBC, Fox News, to provide best contents as fast as possible! You can even follow news through your favorite topics. Our artificial intelligence algorithm helps to filter out millions of articles everyday in order to find the ones that are most relevant and fun to read. You are what you read, that's why we have to be selective.

(+) Stay Informed - Never miss important updates
Whether big events like the Election or local events like break-in near your house, News Break brings news at all scales to you: world news, national news, local news, celebrity news, weather news, all kinds of breaking news could become your today news.

(+) Stay Focused - Contents tailored for your personal interests
From gardening to cooking, from fishing to cycling, News Break has premium content for everything you are interested in. Our artificial intelligence Interests Engine discovers the best news for you daily.

(+) Local Weather & News - Ahead of Curve
Up-to-date local news, weather report and forecast in your neighborhood, for every single town. Local restaurant, local deals, local shop opening & more in one place.

(+) Video & Gif - Have fun watching
Bored of just reading? Want something light to relief your day of tiredness? Checkout our hot trending videos and a lot of videos for your interests. Like Youtube or Pinterest, but easier to use.

(+) Trusted Sources - Aggregated naturally, get them all in an easier way
Each day, our patented content discovery engine aggregates contents from more than 10,000 trusted sources to find the one that fit your interests. We reinvent the reading experience like never before, you only read things you do care about.

Get the latest local breaking news instantly available on your watch screen, with the ability to text-to-speech article and read it later on your iPhone.

Get the latest nearby breaking news without unlocking the phone.

News Break works directly with high-profile media publishers to present to you our featured channels:
(+) Home & Garden: Design, Decor & Shopping tips to make your home better
(+) Food & Recipes: Hand-picked high quality contents from Pinterest, Allrecipes, Buzzfeed, New York Times(NYT) Cooking, allrecipes to inspire you with interesting, nutritious and healthy recipes
(+) Technology & Science: Geeky news everyday! Most inspiring ideas and entrepreneurship stories from TechCrunch. New hacking idea and gadgets from Engadget. Trending software from cnet, wired and gizmodo.
(+) Dealnews: Best deals from dealnews, slick deals, amazon, eBay and more

That's not all. The most exciting part is for you to explore! Customize your reading experience by subscribing to every niche interest you have!

How do I make my reading experience more personalized
News Break is powered by IP protected Interest Engine®. The whole reading experience will be fully tailored around your personal interests. What you need to do is truly simple: Search & Subscribe to the interests you want to feed your stream!

If I do not like certain publishers, can I block them from showing up
You bet! You can always block websites or news sources that you don’t like. For every article, you can find the ‘minus’ sign on the bottom right corner. Click on that and you will find the option to block the source. And you will never see them in the future.

Do you support non-English news
We do not have them for now but we do receive a lot of requests for adding this feature. It is on the top of our priority so stay tuned. We will help non-English readers to save time and have fun reading with News Break:P

If you are representing a publisher and want to show your articles to our fans. Please contact us: [email protected]