30 Day Fitness Challenges Free ~ Workout routines in United States for iOS

30 Day Fitness Challenges Free ~ Workout routines in United States developed by Vigor Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. This app is related to Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and the cost of this app is Free. The average rating of this app is Excellent.

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Make your fat cells melt away just like an ice cube through 30 Day Fitness Challenge app. Get your whole body toned and feel as fit as your sweet 16. Within 30 days, see measurable difference in your weight loss following this precisely carved workout challenge. Try it now!

What will 30 Day Fitness Challenge app offer you?

Dedicate only 30 days of your life and observe your body getting into the shape. It starts from regular warm up followed by exercise that slims your:

** 30 Day Ab Challenge **

** 30 Day Squat Challenge **

** 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge **

** 30 Day Toned Arm Challenge **

** 30 Day Push Up Challenge **

** 30 Day Cardio Challenge **

Slow down on first two days and gradually increase your counts per set. You can now achieve your daily goal and track the progress from calendar and share on different social platforms.

Once you feel that you have stop losing weight, don’t worry! It happens due to your body getting used to the daily exercise. What you need to do is - switch to other exciting activities. 30 Day Fitness Challenge encourages you for fitness activities like boxing, meditation, yoga and more to try it. After each session, take 10-15 mins time for relaxation and observe your the changes in your body. The blood circulation, heart rhythm, vein pumps, breathing pace and many more.

There is no constraint for specific gender or age to use this app. Any medically healthy person can use this app to stay fit or lose tons of weight.

What will happen after 30 days exercise?

~ Single Chin
~ Arms Tone
~ Flat Tummy
~ Skinny thigh
~ Bikini Perfect
~ Beach Body
~ Mutilation free

You are special and so as your body. Take care of it and stay away from diseases like diabetes obesity by exercising daily. Download 30 Day Fitness Challenge app now!